Promise Concierge Service

Promise Concierge Service is a fully licensed and insured, full-service non-medical agency that helps you or your loved one enhance the quality of your life. Living your life the way you want with a little assistance from us. Enhancing your life by helping you with your daily routine to make things easier for you. We offer a wide array of services… all with you in mind.Promise_Concierge_Service_CMYK

Shopping Assistance333X500The Concierge team has a deep understanding of the issues faced by today’s seniors. Our mission is to help maintain health and independence in adults who find it difficult to leave home. Whether you have a chronic illness or just need a little support, we will be there for you. You cannot cure a chronic illness, but you can postpone and lessen its effects on overall health and cognition.

Concierge’s care managers coordinate a range of services. We offer monthly memberships, packages and al la carte items for what you may need. Taking care of you is what is important to us. Promise Concierge Service is a fully licensed and insured private duty agency, not a franchise or a national corporation that has to answer to shareholders. All of our care members go through extensive background checks, training, and are insured so you can be comfortable inviting them into your home.

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