Hospice Patients and Caregivers

Patients and caregivers can receive care in the patient’s own home or a home-like facility, provided by our dedicated and trained staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified home health aides.

Patients and caregiversOur social workers assist with emotional issues and provide connections to other agencies that may be of benefit to the patient and the family.

Hospice chaplains are also available to help address spiritual concerns. We respect the spiritual beliefs, faith traditions, and practices of all individuals.

Our volunteer team provides a link to the community for the patient and is available to offer respite services for the family caregivers. At Promise, we also offer specialized therapies such as Reiki, pet, music and massage therapy.

And hospice support does not end with the loss of a loved one. At Promise Hospice™, we recognize the importance of supporting those who are grieving and provide bereavement counseling, memorial services and support groups for 13 months or a long as needed. These groups are free of charge.