One thing I know for sure

The one thing I know for sure is that Advocacy is the key to helping your loved one achieve the death they truly want!!!

What do I mean by that? Very simply, advocating for your loved one, creates a death positive environment.

Your loved ones will face so many hurdles and will question themselves.  The goals they went into this journey with will be tested over and over.  If you think about it, how can they not? We live in a society that believes death can be stopped.  We fight it at every turn, so if someone embraces death…we have to make them wrong AND change their minds.

Let me ask you this….How do you want to die?

I would guess that you want to die painlessly, at home, surrounded by your loved ones.  That’s the goal just about everyone has.  So why do people at the end of their life change their mind?  Why do they go to the hospital and endure painful aggressive treatments? Why do most people NOT die at home when that’s all they wanted to begin with?

Because the pressure put on them… gets to them.

When your friends or family member realizes they aren’t alone, that their choice isn’t wrong, or giving up, being uncaring, or even evil…they begin to stand firm.

When you become empowered to fight for your loved one, you make sure your loved one’s plan doesn’t come undone. YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!